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canton 2020 online fair - Express technical

canton 2020 online fair

Online Canton Fair, the most influential exhibition in China, will be held from June 15-24.

China Fastener Show Online provides an all-weather data exhibition hall, live broadcast, real-time negotiation, supply and procurement connection, real-time transaction, online activities and other scenes to create an interactive and immersive shopping experience for visitors. What’s more, multiple business development settings, such as E-business card and E-catalog, provide buyers with valuable information.

It is expected that more than 500 fastener manufacturing enterprises, including equipment mold enterprises and other related enterprises, will participate in this show. Special zones such as Haiyan cross border exhibition area, brand area and 1-on-1 communication area are created so that buyers can quickly find suitable suppliers according to their needs. Meanwhile, a series of wonderful online activities will be held, such as face to face online purchase meeting, keynote speech, live broadcast, etc.

TS:  So, people be able to talk live with other people who are exhibiting?

Fanty: Yes, people can have live talk with exhibitors. Meanwhile, exhibitors will be doing live broadcasts to do demonstrations.

TS:  You are promoting the show online where people from all over the world can read about it.  Are you hoping to attract people from the United States to attend the show?

Fanty: Yes, absolutely! We welcome people from around the world to attend the show. It would be better to register in advance so that participants can receive the latest news in time, and receive more services. Here is the registration link:

TS:  Who will be exhibiting?  Can suppliers from the U.S. sign up to be exhibitors and sell their products?

Fanty: At present, exhibitors are mainly from China. Some foreign enterprises also want to attend, and they have branches or offices in China. I’m not sure whether suppliers from the U.S. can sign up to be exhibitors. I’ll get back to you later.

TS:  Does the show aim to attract fastener distributors or end users or both?

Fanty: The show aims to attract both distributors and end users.

TS:  So far, how many exhibitors do you have?

Fanty: We have 2 websites. One is and the other is They are B2B platforms specialized in the fastener industry. We provide free tickets for super VIPs. At present, we have more than 200 exhibitors. It is expected that the number of exhibitors will reach 500.

TS:  You are doing an online show do to Covid-19.  During normal times you have other, in person trade shows.  Tell me about your other shows and where they are held.

Fanty: We have Fastener Expo Shanghai, and 11th edition of this expo will be held at Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from August 18-20.

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